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Christianity Dogmatic Faith & Gnostic vivifying Knowledge
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About the Book

This book is based on one of numerous theses to be found in Boris Mouravieff's monumental work GNOSIS. The general subject matter is Esoteric Christianity and the specific theme is that St Paul's famous words on Faith, Hope and Love, when viewed within the whole context of the letter to Corinthians, indicate a complete program designed to transmute Faith and Hope into a Live Vivifying Knowledge, and the latter into Love, which alone is the non-perishing vanquisher of Death. Fulfilling the program was the job incumbent on the Church in the face of a growing intellectuality: Man's growing intellectual and scientific orientation was gradually becoming adverse to formulas of blind faith. If the teachers of religion could not evolve their teaching to suit this new type of mentality, the Christian religion would soon find itself a Sunday occupation, quite unsuited for modern life. St Paul predicted this need in the very formula of the program Faith, Hope and Love.