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On July 7, 2005 Trafford publishing house has published the first commentary on one of the theses of Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis volume 1.

The Transmutation of Faith and the Tradition's Unveiling of the Myth of Adam & Eve and the Meaning of Salvation

This book exposes one of the numerous theses to be found in Boris Mouravieff's "Gnosis". For students of Esoteric Christianity "Gnosis" is the invaluable tool for growth and development, as it is the first integral and systematic exposition of the Christian Tradition. Our present thesis is extracted from the following paragraph of the Introduction to Gnosis I:

The formula Faith, Hope and Love of St. Paul, 1Cor. 13:13, summarizes a vast program of the evolution of human knowledge. If this formula is examined in relation to its context, that is to say in relation to those twelve verses of the thirteenth chapter of the first letter to the Corinthians we will be able to see that its first two terms Faith and Hope are temporary while the third, Love, is permanent. The formula was valid, according to the Apostle for the specific period of time in which it was uttered, and its significance should have evolved with time”.

According to Boris Mouravieff, St. Paul had charged Christianity with a systematic program that it had to execute at all cost.

Our thesis is therefore the following:

Faith is provisory and must be transmuted into a live Knowledge. The advance of Science and the progress of rationality having gradually changed Man’s intellection presented Christianity with an ultimatum: Should Faith and Hope not change into Live Knowledge, Christianity is doomed. The Historical and Social contexts that we live in, which deify the human Personality and its prime tool the Positive Agnostic Reason, together with the contempt in which Initiation to the Mysteries is held, oppose an almost impassable barrier to the adequate execution of St. Paul's Program.



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